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Szczecin - Swinoujscie Port Regulations and Navigation Information

The following regulations were issued by the Maritime Office of Szczecin: Standing Order No 10 of Director of Maritime Office in Szczecin, dated April 28th 2000.


Signalling System

Lights and day marks

  • On the routes:
    • from anchorage to the port Swinoujscie and within the port area (all vessels above 176m in length or of draught in excess of 9.15 m),
    • from the beam of the N point of the Kosa Peninsula in Swinoujscie to the port Szczecin (all vessels above 160 m in length or of draught in excess of 7.40 m), are to show lights and signals according to the COLREG 1972, prescribed to vessels limited in their draught.
  • A hydrofoil craft in air-born sailing, passing the main fairway Swinoujscie-Szczecin is to show, besides the signals according to COLREG 1972, a yellow flashing light, completely visible from all directions.

Sound signals and radio information

Vessels approaching the intersection of Przekop Mieleński with Kanał Grabowski are obligated to make the appropriate sound signals, i.e. one long blast (-) with the intent to alter its course to starboard or two long blasts (- -) if its intent is to alter its course to port.

Besides that, the vessels are to inform other vessels by on VHF Channel 12 about their intention to alter course.


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